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Can't stop, I need some help
Fuck you, I'm by myself
Is it the truth or lie?
It's what you can't deny
Cause it's the way you think
Mixed with the pills and drink
Brought back to the way you are
Float up till you're close to God
You know that hiding ain't gon' keep you safe
Because the tears on your face, they (they) can leave a trace
So just when you think the true love's begun
It goes off at any second just like a loaded gun

Chorus - Daniel
You know I.. can take you straight to heaven if you let me
You know I.. I can make your body levitate if you let me
Know that I.. can make your body levitate, le-levitate-tate
I can make your body levitate, le-levitate
You know...

Johnny 3 Tears
Can't stop the feeling high as the ceiling
I've got the money, who's fuckin' dealing?
You feel the heat like the barrel of a gun
I forgot the last time I saw the sun
We've got this decease
It's digging deeper in me
It's like my mind is leaving
But my heart keeps beating
So I'll paint the walls red drip from the nose
Where it goes, nobody really knows
Hit the bottle, she's gonna follow
I fall in sleep there ain't no tomorrow
Gone too far, nobody could save me
Who needs you when I've got my baby?
My baby's beautiful, she loves me true
And if she dies I hope I die, too


Charlie Scene
Imma put down one another sack of them
Then I'm straight back to the flask again
I can't hell stop, what's happening?
On the wrong track yeah I'm back again
Up shits creek and I'm paddling
Blacked out room and I'm travelling
Good ideas, I'm liking them
Im too fucked up now Im babblin
What I have to fix these damages?
All these goddamn damages
Covered myself with bandages
From all these d-damages
What I have to fix these damages?
All these goddamn damages
Covered myself with bandages
From all these goddamn damages


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